3 Corporate Offsites Your Coworkers Will Actually Enjoy

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1. Food Tour

Different personalities, different likes:

This is a way to engage everyone on your team by providing not just a lunch out of the office, but a stroll where conversation can take place organically as walking partners change, and as seats adjust between tasting stops.

The food provided is widely varied as the personalities enjoying it. Want to incorporate wine or cocktails?

No problem! Games and opportunities to know your coworkers? We’ve got you.

2. Wine Walk

Charter a van to the Monterey Peninsula (safety first!) and enjoy all the walkable wine tasting rooms that Carmel-by-the-Sea or Carmel Valley Village has to offer. Arrange a blind tasting and compare notes.

Create teams and give prizes for the most creatively-written wine description. Unwind and open yourself to connecting in ways that are never going to happen in a cube.

3.  Photo Scavenger Hunt

Divide your team into unlikely pairs or groups. We provide a list of photo hints that groups are required to locate and take a selfie with for proof, texting the photo to a “judge” for verification.

Groups can win prizes for fastest completion, best photo, etc. Working together with friendly competition is not only fun, it allows a team leader to identify traits that are not always evident on the daily.

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Traveling With Your Dog

The Dog Days of Summer Keeping Your Pooch Entertained On Vacation Carmel-by-the-Sea is extremely dog-friendly, and a great place to vacation with your canine companion.

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