Easiest way to book our tours is definitely by using our booking buttons on our website. You can find them on tour pages as well as on our home page. Just follow the instructions and reserve your tour in minutes.

We are located at the 1806 Belles St, San Francisco, CA 94129, United States

After¬† you’ve booked your tour with us, you will get a confirmation email that will include all information that you’ve decided on while booking the tour. All you have to do from that moment is show up at the schedule time, and enjoy the ride.

Rescheduling the tour is available 72 hours (3 Days) prior the tour. After that time frame rescheduling the tour is not available.

No-shows will be assessed a 100% cancellation fee. If you need to change or cancel your tour reservation with us, please provide us with 48 hours notice prior to your scheduled tour time and we will be happy to accommodate your schedule change.

You can cancel your helicopter tour at any time for a full cash refund if you let us know more than 3 days prior to your tour start date with no hassles.

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